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SaaS solutions

SaaS (Software as a Service) is increasingly being used within companies. SaaS is software that is offered as a service. The user does not need to have software developed or purchased, but use the software. In many cases, a fixed amount per month per user is paid for this.

The benefits for the user include:
– no development costs
– get started quickly
– accessible everywhere (cloud)
– scalable

Smartscript is the development partner for companies that offer SaaS solutions. We develop and maintain this software for the online service provider. You should think of CRM packages for example. Do you need a reliable partner for the development of a SaaS solution? Contact us for the possibilities without obligation.

SaaS Oplossingen

What are the possibilities?

There are various options when it comes to developing Software as a Service. We can build custom software and really (almost) everything is possible. As an organization, do you want a custom-made CRM system to keep track of all sales? Or do you have ideas about a system to automate the administration? Contact us for the possibilities.

IoT Oplossingen
IoT Oplossingen

SaaS Project

Smartscript has realized a SaaS project for Slim VerCompared. Via, consumers can compare prices for repairing the mobile phone. Phone repair shops can participate in this comparison platform through an account. Smart Compared is a software that serves as a service for repair shops to attract new customers, to be visible online, to collect reviews and to increase brand awareness.

Slimvergeleken Smartscript
Slimvergeleken Smartscript

Complete automation

With this project the software is as fully automated as possible. From the registration process for both consumer and company to sending requests, prices, comparisons and much more. In this way, the consumer immediately has the required information and it costs the affiliated companies very little time to serve the customer with information.

Smart software as a service!