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IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things actually says it all, it is about “things” that are connected to the Internet. More and more ‘things’ are banned via the internet and can therefore communicate with each other. The “things” that are connected to Internet of Things, in other words, the internet of things. What does that mean exactly and why can it be an added value for my company?

each other constantly produce new data. This data is collected and provides new insights. This allows processes to be optimized, customers are better served or predictions are made for the future.

Why the Internet of Things?
1. Work more efficiently: IoT allows processes to be optimized. This saves time and money for your organization.

2. Seeing and exploiting new opportunities: All data creates new insights and therefore opportunities. In this way strengthen your competitive position.

3. Serving customers better: Use all data and information to optimize the user experience.

IoT Oplossingen

Efficient work processes with IoT

Discover the possibilities for your organization by using the Internet of Things. IoT makes it possible for devices to communicate, detect errors and prevent them. Read below what is possible the the Internet of Things.


What is possible with IoT?

The possibilities are almost endless with IoT. From your telephone, to a lamppost to a soda machine, the Internet of Things ensures that these devices can communicate with each other. They can recognize errors or indicate whether something needs to be topped up. This information is then passed on to the CRM system.

In principle, we are making smart products, perhaps it is the start of robotization. No employee has to walk past all of the soft drink vending machines to see if they need to be topped up, the machine itself reports this and passes it on to your, especially your CRM system. In this way you can work more efficiently and save a lot of money.

Examples of IoT

– A lamppost that burns brighter when you walk by;

– Or a candy machine that indicates that the filled cookies must be refilled;

– Switching on the heating via your telephone when you are still on the road;

– A green lamp above a parking space in a parking garage if there is still a space available there;

– A garbage can that indicates that it is full;

– A Track & Trace for the elderly: sensors that give an alarm if there are abnormal movements;

– The digital fitting room: see how the clothes look on you without really fitting them;

– Inventory management: the shelves that indicate how many products are still on the shelf.

IoT Oplossingen