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Data Migration

Data Entry, also called Data Migration. Transferring data from the old system to the new system. Or converting offline information to online files? Our Data Entry team does nothing else. (Almost) nothing is too crazy.

Migrating data takes a lot of time and is often easy to outsource. This saves a lot of time for the organization and so considerable money can be saved by outsourcing this process. Because we can use our IT knowledge when migrating data, we can often speed up processes by developing smart tools. In combination with our competitive rates, Smartscript is the ideal party for your Data Entry.

Data Migratie - Data Entry

What are the possibilities?

The options are enormous. In principle we can process all data. Our data Entry specialists can help you with entering and processing various types of data. Day in, day out they are busy processing data. We do this for different customers, from different sources and we deliver in the document you want. Your data will be processed for you quickly and without errors.

Data Entry Data Migratie KEEN Europe

Our customers

We work for companies in different types of industries, all our customers are based in Europe and speak English and / or Dutch. The work varies from relatively simple data entry activities to complex back-office or administrative processes. Consider, for example, the migration of data between different systems or the processing of handwritten cards to an excel format.

Our Data-Entry team is ready to process your data day-in-day. Because they are busy with migrating information on a daily basis, they do this faster than ever. Our team is ready and waiting for you to get started for your project.

Data Migration and coding

In some cases, our data entry team works together with our development team. It is possible that we can process your data faster with the help of scripts *. Because we not only have data entry professionals, but also developers, we quickly see if this is possible. In many cases this can save you a lot of time and money.

* A script is computer code that is converted into a certain action. This action can, for example, make connections between data and migrate it automatically.

In short: We can process your data quickly and error-free at competitive rates.