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API Integration

An API (Application Programming Interface) ensures that different software systems can communicate with each other, you can see it as a link.

The most famous API is the Facebook login function that is used by many websites. Many websites give the option to register or log in via Facebook, this is done via an API. In addition to this link, there are numerous options for linking software with each other.

Smartscript develops and supports companies with API integrations. Are you curious about which links are possible? Or do you want help with integrating an API for your website, application or webshop? Please contact us for the possibilities.

API Integratie

How does an API work?

You can link a website or webshop with an API. In fact, you let your website “talk” with another application. The API takes care of the translation between your website and the other application. We use this language to make the two applications ‘understand’ each other. APIs are available for some solutions that can be integrated with your website or webshop. In some cases, no API is available and still needs to be developed. This is different for each question. Are you curious about what is possible here? Please contact us.

IoT Oplossingen

API for web shops

An API for a webshop adds functionalities. With the help of an API you can link the webshop to your accounting program, your stock management or the package delivery. What is possible?

Inventory management: The stocks can be shown real-time on your website with the link. Orders can also be placed automatically with suppliers. The stocks are always up-to-date and synchronized everywhere.

CRM link: If you link your webshop to your CRM system, you can use this to improve the user experience, among other things, by showing customers more relevant products.

ERP link: With a link to the webshop and the ERP system you can integrate order and inventory management with your accounting and CRM.

Package delivery: Connect your shop with, for example, PostNL. Packages are made ready for shipping automatically. It is also possible that customers can indicate where they want to pick up the package or have it delivered.

Supplier linking: Hereby new products from your supplier are automatically added to the webshop including product descriptions and prices.

Voetzentrum Smartscript


You can automate processes by linking websites or web shops with other applications. This ensures that you, as an entrepreneur, have to perform far fewer actions. This saves a lot of time and money in the long run. A link can be very extensive but this is not necessary. For example, do you want an online appointment system because you are being called all day and you have to dive into the agenda? That is very simple and does not have to be expensive, but it saves a lot of time! In addition, the customer probably also likes it. They can see your availability online.

There are numerous links and the possibilities are enormous.