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An enthusiastic team based in the center of Lisse.


Danny van der Ham

From an early age I have been working on the internet and the possibilities that this entails. That is why I started to do business during my studies and because of that I quickly realized the power of the internet.

The internet has emerged in the last ten years, now it’s time to focus on stability, security and speed. That is why we develop smart IT solutions to make processes easier and faster. The internet offers so many opportunities for organizations. Many companies are far from realizing how many opportunities there are to pick up!

Tom Broekhuizen

A just-not story when it comes to my career as a football player. In addition to my passion for football, I have always had the urge to do business. In this I am always looking for opportunities. I think in terms of possibilities and I see these continuously for companies around us.

I think it is fantastic to translate practice into a digital environment where enormous added value can be created. Automating processes can save an enormous amount of time for an organization. This only brings benefits. We translate practical processes into a digital environment, with a focus on speed, convenience and smart solutions.


How we work

A goal is a dream with a deadline. When can we start?

Setting Goals

The first step is immediately the most important step. Set the goal, in other words, put the dot on the horizon. What are we going to develop and why? What is the ultimate goal of the product that we are going to develop? What need does it have to fulfill?

We will not go further until this is clear. All steps that are taken will be related to this dot on the horizon. We work step by step towards the goal to achieve an optimal result.


Decide Functionalities

If the purpose of the product is clear, we will determine the functions and features. Simply put: determine what the product should be able to do. Often there is a very long list of functions and features from the customer. Herein it is important to make a distinction between:
– must haves
– should haves
– nice to haves

We do this primarily to prevent us from developing an extremely advanced product that will take an enormous amount of development time. By making a distinction we can determine a first version of the product. In the future, further development is always possible based on the “should haves” and the “nice to haves”.

Design Phase

This phase is subdivided into the UX and UI Phase.
UX phase:
– user Journey Map
It looks at which phases the user goes through and which actions can (or can) be done.
– wireframing
In this phase the user journey map is i.c.m. with the functions and features translated into a sketch of all screens including functionalities.
– prototyping
In this phase, the wireframe is made alive to make all functions work.

UI phase:
All screens originating from the UX phase are worked out in a defined design. A Design System makes designing easy and further development very efficient. If there is a change in 1 element, it is automatically implemented in all other elements of the same type.


Development Phase

In this phase, the above story is translated into a working product. The development process starts, this is called the back-end.

Based on the size of the project, there is a certain amount of time for developing the product. We divide this period into pieces (sprints) in which feedback is given to the customer at the end of each sprint. Here the work done is discussed and provided with feedback from the customer. This way we always know if we are on the right track. If this is not the case, we can also adjust quickly in this way.

Testing and live phase

Testing is crucial when developing software products. Of course we test everything accurately, but much is also expected from the client. Together the product is run through and looked at all functions and features. In this phase there will undoubtedly be issues that still need to be adjusted. We do this until the product is 100% satisfactory.

When we are ready, it’s time to go LIVE and launch and present the product !!



After the product is in the air, it is important that it stays that way. The maintenance phase is also of great importance with software products. This includes, among other things, fixing bugs, updating the software, developing etc.

Think of it as the periodic MOT inspection of a car. He also needs new tires now and then to continue to drive well. That’s how it works with software.


The practice translated into a digital environment.

Development support

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Conny Kapster

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